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CAT 2020 was my second attempt. I didn’t do well CAT 2019. Before joining Elites Grid I had a word with Hunny Sir regarding the classes, my profile and every minute detail. Sir was very patient with me and explained the entire details to me. From our conversation itself, I had the positive feeling and started my preparation with Elites Grid. 
The journey of preparation was having ups and downs but the constant motivation from Elites Grid and personal connect with all the mentors helped me a lot. I will cherish this journey throughout my life.

Rutvik Reshamwala

I started with EG in the month of March. With an exam like CAT, there are so many voices and content in plenitude, it becomes difficult to shift true value from noise. And that has been my single biggest takeaway from EG – An Established Single Source of Truth. With the classes, the assignments and the advice, one could always rely on whatever was being told. It felt like boarding a bus to an earmarked destination.

The booster course and the subsequent revisions before the exam proved to be immensely valuable final endeavours. The marathon practice sessions not only helped identify patterns and types but also greatly enhanced time-based solving in a live environment. One can only imagine the effort it took to create and discuss such an exhaustive yet relevant question pool. Special gratitude is due, for this alone.

Apart from all mentioned, the mock discussions for all the three sections were a boon. Every discussion led to identification of points that would easily be overlooked in self-analysis. In addition to the core base, mock discussions led to a tangible improvement in test-taking skills. In a testimony of EG’s unmatched commitment, the mentors would even create weekly mock and revision schedules for us to follow.

What was promised at the end of it all was belief in one’s prep at the gates of the CAT centre, and that is what EG enabled.

Anubhav Kataruka

It all started with a casual attempt at CAT 2018 where my raw scores for LRDI and Quant were 7 marks and 23 marks respectively. Only VARC was the saving grace which helped the OA 92.37%. And then it hit me hard that even after being an engineer and performing quite decently in Maths during undergrad, Quant was something different and required a different set of qualities than what you might have required till date. Same with LRDI. So, I started preparing on basis of some random mocks and some coaching class ka study material. I still remember the day when Kaiwalya Deshpande told me about EG and how he was able to balance hectic job and studies due to night lectures. I then joined EG in the mid of 2nd batch and the journey from that point has been very structured and I could see gradual improvements in my mock scores. The way Gaurav Kapoor sir helps clear each and every doubt, the way he structures the solution and forms frameworks for typical LRDI puzzles is something I have not seeing anywhere else.

Hunny Malhotra EG sir has been my saviour for quant as my speed and accuracy both were pathatic at the start. Frankly speaking I had never done this much revision for any exam in my life and all that credit goes to Hunny Sir. When every other online class head wants to flaunt their exam scores to gain more people next year, Hunny sir canceled his flight for the exam so that he can take a last revision for dm for all the students disheartened with cat results. He always makes it all about the students.

Shahzar Khan sir’s mock analysis and varc attempt strategy was immensly helpful and increased my saturated varc scores to next level.

I can say is all these teachers gave their 100% so that everyone can be successful regardless of the person being EG student or not and that’s the best part about EG and its teachers.

Sohan Bolge

My journey with Elites Grid started in the year 2018. It was recommended to me by a senior. I remember her exact words – “Join Elites Grid, you will thank me later”. And yes today I thank her a million times. I have appeared CAT 3 times and was finally able to get some good calls this year only.

I have followed EG Faculties for all the 3 sections blindly ( practice material, assignments, events, classes). I gave around 40-50 mocks for CAT 2019 and analysed them properly. Live mock attempts and discussion of mocks by EG faculty helped me in securing 98.xx in LRDI and 99.xx in QA section in CAT 2019. My OA percentile was 98.87. I got calls from IIM B, K, L, FMS, NITIE Mumbai, IIT Bombay and IIT Delhi. I converted IIM B, L, K, NITIE, IIT Bombay and Delhi. None of this would have been possible without the support by EG faculty. Their way of teaching which gives utmost importance to learning the fundamentals of the subject and their constant motivation helped me reach the place I am in right now.

My journey with EG has been very rewarding. I would definitely recommend all serious CAT aspirants to join EG. And again “You will thank me later

Shripragnya Swain

I joined ElitesGrid in April 2019, at the recommendation of my brother. My first class was taught by Hunny Sir and there was not a single moment in the entire class that I lost focus or felt disinterested. He made sure to stress on the important points, repeat points to clear everyone’s doubts and answer any queries that students had.

Hunny Sir and Gaurav Sir are truly the best teachers anyone can have. They have always been very lucid in his explanations, bringing perfect clarity on the topic of discussion, sometimes even repeating a point 3-4 times to help us understand better. I have truly never seen a teacher more patient than Hunny Sir. For LRDI, there can be no one better than Gaurav Sir. He made sure to cover every single possibility of sets that we might get in CAT, and even more.

They made sure to discuss every important mock test, helping us analyse where we went wrong and how we could’ve improved. They even conducted revision sessions to make sure we’ve retained everything. There was never the need of taking notes in Hunny sir’s classes because he made sure to revise everything at least 4-5 times before the actual CAT. Even the 2 days before CAT, he revised the entire syllabus. TWICE. There was not a chance that we’d ever forget anything he taught us.

In the last one month, to make sure we’re on track and not wasting time on futile activities, Hunny Sir also chalked up a daily schedule, listing down everything we need to cover in that day. This helped immensely, especially as a fresher, as I was clueless and losing my mind over what all to cover in just one month. Hunny Sir and Gaurav Sir also often conducted live sessions to discuss test strategies, in still confidence and boost overall morale, which was very necessary in those last days when our nerves got the best of us.

Sanjana Rout


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